Harm Reduction training, consultation and outreach.

Best practice harm reduction organizing is to practice harm reduction.

What is HRH413


located in Western MA was founded by Jess Tilley and Albie Park. Between the two of them, they have over 40 years experience in Harm Reduction. HRH413 is developing a peer led street outreach model and plan to serve both urban and rural communities. Our focus is to reach people who use drugs who cannot or will not use traditional brick and mortar syringe access sites.  We offer best practice trainings and consultation on a broad range of topics including naloxone. Notably, Jess Tilley is the only person distributing Fentanyl test strips in the entire state of MA. Please contact us with any questions.

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Leaving the public health silo

HRH413 is dedicated to improving the quality of harm reduction care, organizing and practice. While we continue to advocate in the realm of public health, HRH413 believes winning The War on The War on Drugs means harm reduction must leave the silo of public health and begin to influence culture via art, literature and fashion. We hope you explore our site, check out our work and consider submitting your art and writing so other people and organizations can amplify our voices via reposts and public campaigns.